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You know, if I wasn’t retired, I’d never be able to manage and/or organize the number of tasks I have set for myself. Don’t forget. I’ve got grandkids who love their “Papa” and as I was telling John Jameson the other day, it just wasn’t “love” they sent home with me; I also got their germs and nearly a week in bed! While I’m more rested and feeling close to being my old self, it dawned on me I needed to keep everyone abreast of my research(1).

I’ll tell you this-it isn’t easy making the bed and juggling an itinerary that’s more busier now than when I was employed and enjoying the water cooler gossip! I’m tasked, I don’t need chains to keep me sitting in my chair, by an overwhelming need to spit out as much data as I can. So, to be heard and not seen, I will be posting research and such as I do about the TNG(The Next Generation) site I use for billeting the genealogies that I come across(2). I will be adding more and more of these lineages as I move along in my searches and will announce them at the time they are published. I have left out images for the time being, but these will return in the sometime near future.

You are free to search through the data providing you register first(there’s no costs here) and I ask that if you use data or material to copyright it as follows: (C) Copyright 1985-2016, The Jameson Perspective(TJP/SMJ). The branches come sourced for the most part. You will discover areas not referenced as I expand into new branches and territories. These will be added as I update them. Many of the branches I list and upload to TNG exist in their original state of research before the year 2000. Any questions please fill free to comment either here or on the TNG.

Following are the posted branches I now have on site, new or appended and identified:

ID #            Title                

7000 – William & Martha Jameson of Falmouth, Maine or The Jamesons of Maine(UPDATED-2/22);

9000 – William & Robert Jennison/Jamison of Charlestown, Massachusetts;

10000 – William & Margaret Jameson of Windham, New Hampshire;

11000 – James & Sarah Jempson/Jameson of Boston, Massachusetts;

21400 – Thomas & Mary(Doyne) Jameson of Charles County, Maryland(NEW-2/22).

(1) – These reminders can be found under “What’s New!” in the archives entitled “Changes”.

(2) – The web site for these branches can be found in the top menu titled The Jameson Perspective Branches, shown above.

(C) Copyright 1985-2016 The Jameson Perspective(TJP/SMJ).