My Family Links

This photo is in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of my great, great grandfather, Byron, and his wife, Electa Collson, Jameson(seated), held at their home in Manchester, VT in 1901. My grandfather, Arthur Byron Jameson, is fourth from left, back row, but the one face not shown here is that of my great grandfather, Ralph Major Jameson, who died in 1898, three years before this reunion of marriage vows. My cousin, Ellen, and I were fortunate to meet the young girl, Irene, shown front row second from left in 1974, our great aunt, a few years before she past away.

My mind is not skewed nor drilled down, a phrase used a number of years back, but rather expanding perspectively as history fills the holes where my family has passed down through the centuries. It’s encouraging, really, to see where they grew up, spent their lives, wondered, loved and worked. When I think of Windham, New Hampshire

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