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You know, if I wasn’t retired, I’d never be able to manage and/or organize the number of tasks I have set for myself. Don’t forget. I’ve got grandkids who love their “Papa” and as I was telling John Jameson the other day, it just wasn’t “love” they sent home with me; I also got their germs and nearly a week in bed! While I’m more rested and feeling close to being my old self, it dawned on me I needed to keep everyone abreast of my research(1).

I’ll tell you this-it isn’t easy making the bed and juggling an itinerary that’s more busier now than when I was employed and enjoying the water cooler gossip! I’m tasked, I don’t need chains to keep me sitting in my chair, by an overwhelming need to spit out as much data as I can. So, to be heard and not seen, I will be posting research and such as I do about the TNG(The Next Generation) site I use for billeting the genealogies that I come across(2). I will be adding more and more of these lineages as I move along in my searches and will announce them at the time they are published. I have left out images for the time being, but these will return in the sometime near future.

You are free to search through the data providing you register first(there’s no costs here) and I ask that if you use data or material to copyright it as follows: (C) Copyright 1985-2016, The Jameson Perspective(TJP/SMJ). The branches come sourced for the most part. You will discover areas not referenced as I expand into new branches and territories. These will be added as I update them. Many of the branches I list and upload to TNG exist in their original state of research before the year 2000. Any questions please fill free to comment either here or on the TNG.

Following are the posted branches I now have on site, new or appended and identified:

ID #            Title                

7000 – William & Martha Jameson of Falmouth, Maine or The Jamesons of Maine(UPDATED-2/22);

9000 – William & Robert Jennison/Jamison of Charlestown, Massachusetts;

10000 – William & Margaret Jameson of Windham, New Hampshire;

11000 – James & Sarah Jempson/Jameson of Boston, Massachusetts;

21400 – Thomas & Mary(Doyne) Jameson of Charles County, Maryland(NEW-2/22).

(1) – These reminders can be found under “What’s New!” in the archives entitled “Changes”.

(2) – The web site for these branches can be found in the top menu titled The Jameson Perspective Branches, shown above.

(C) Copyright 1985-2016 The Jameson Perspective(TJP/SMJ).


Support Your Local Genealogist!

My friend and cohort, John Jameson, is reformatting the Jameson Perspective, a newsletter I published for nine years from March of 1985 to December of 1993. John is publishing it in the Flip-book format so that reading it and searching through it is like a book, but with a better search method. The reader will retain all the original content from data to images and will be up on the website in a few days of this blog’s release.

Fundamentally, John’s, The Jam?son Family Network, is and will be a published site or work place where we can all go for help, support and data. His ideas, developed some years ago, were primarily dedicated to research on his family lineage, Hugh and Thomas Jameson of Dunbarton, New Hampshire; all else stemmed from that one single purpose. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum; he realized others were in the same boat as he regarding the issues of research in Northern Ireland. So, he decided it was high time to bring others, who are researching their families’ history in Ireland, together and developed a site called “Some Ulster Jam?sons” in which he and others of like ilk could put up their Jameson lineages and also hash out their information in an on-line forum.

He has brought together a number of people from around the world, developed a blog on Facebook so we can all interact in real time discussions on the topic of Jamesons and genealogy, while supporting others as they claw their way through the data jungle of old world records. No mean feat since he originally began all of this by using TNG(The Next Generation) of genealogy software which requires a bit of programming to design his sites.

He has done an excellent job in fostering and bringing together people and history. In tune with that development he has moved on to create his newest site, The Jam?son Family Network, in which he hopes it will become self-sustaining. The grand purpose, of course, is to stimulate us and our research where interaction and support are key as we increase our understanding of the complexities of research and knowledge of our family backgrounds.

But that’s not all! He’d like to see all of us take our experiences and develop a database of information. We could write an article about our thorniest issues whether it be on research, software, a specific historical report of an ancestor in your family, or a topic of concern, like in my blog reports. We could send in a source or sources with links or data that deals in Jameson material which we’ve collected over the years. The name of this game is ENGAGE. By interacting we are developing a formidable repertoire of sources, abilities and knowledge, all to expand our own horizons.

If this is something you feel is inspiring, then contact either me, here at my blog or John at…