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When I come across a family chart on Ancestry, MyHeritage or any of the genealogy web hosting sites, as a rule I’ll glance at the tree with a certain degree of care and caution. I want to see the supports which holds up all these individuals, to see that the trunk is strong and well engineered and able to tie everyone together. I am more often disappointed when I find a new fact to realize that the reference is another ancestry tree.

IS THIS YOUR TREE!? A bad example of a tree that has three separate and distinct branches tied into it.
IS THIS YOUR TREE!? A bad example of a tree that has three separate and distinct branches tied into it.

Have you ever followed one of these worm hole threads!? My goodness, it can travel endlessly until your fingers tire out and your hopes of something meaningful are dashed against cosmic stones. I swear, I feel I’m being sucked in by the Black Hole of space only to find myself stuck deep beneath the roots of an aging tree. Like mirrors placed in front and behind you-the image goes on forever, lost in a forest of trees all the same and no clear path to your goal.

I like to place comments on some of the populated trees I see on these sites to help stir up the pot, so to speak. I never get a response 99.9% of the time, so it’s ordinary sense that these fellow researchers don’t really want to benefit from my vocal opposition nor to make changes. even with the proof right before them. Reflectively, it’s no different than a person unwilling to change their nutrition and diet in order to add a few more years to their life span. If you won’t change then you won’t survive the circumstance that you’re in.

Above, there is an image of a tree of descent. It seems normal enough and as you can see it has many hint leaves on the people shown. Even when you click on the hints, tie in the sources for each fact, there still appears to be no issue with the family chart. What you don’t see behind that tree is the faulty line of reasoning to back and link these individuals correctly to their rightful lineages. I know. I proved this tree years ago; even commented to the speculate researcher of the tree. Yet, here we are two years later and nothing’s changed.

To those who will see this tree will realize how particular it, as a whole, seems. Hugh, Thomas and Alexander Jameson, for instance, belong all to themselves, a family out of Northern Ireland who sailed to the colonies and established a home in Londonderry, then Dunbarton, NH. Martin, Alexander and Martha Jameson emigrated from Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland and landed in Boston them settled in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. James and Sarah Jameson sailed into Boston very early from Scotland and until there is DNA testing no doubt they won’t be tied into these other families any sooner than necessary.  Not knowing where my William in Windham, NH came from I wonder how this researcher was able to tie my family in.  Then we have William Jameson, real surname, Jennison, and Elizabeth Golding – the marriage is correct, but the children are not.

My impression of these family charts and the individuals who are represented is like picking apples off the apple tree. They may be all related in the scheme of things, but are they grannies, Ambrosia or Tuscan?

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This blog is being set up to discuss research and deal with Jameson research issues. I’ve been trying to parlay my experience, knowledge and data into a web site that may have world-wide consequences and real-time awareness of the facts. It is with great concern that I am finding large issues that need to be addressed concerning the early history of our families. As I have often addressed in earlier times about the need for sources, it seems realistic to expect more entertainment of the idea. In fact just the opposite is true. When I look at the family trees on or peruse the information on the DAR application forms for membership into that society, I cringe with horror.

To purpose my intent, I hope to enjoin you all into a lively discussion of what’s wrong with our perspective and how we can dynamically change our results simply by applying some focus and reasonable steps toward a better end. We all want our history to leave a lasting legacy of fulfillment and positive feedback to provide a strong historically accurate background of our forefathers whether you like an ancestor or not. We all want Green Jamison, who died at the Alamo in 1836, in our tree.

I don’t care if you are rich or poor, politically correct or not or mainstream or have lifestyle changes outside our comfort zones. Our families have so many rich interesting characters that intertwine dramatically and touches us in ways we wish we could forget. But…it all passes. We all realize eventually that what once was important is no longer so. People do change for it is the only way to survive in this world. God taught us to love one another or at least be compassionate for others regardless of the circumstances. There are millions of heart-warming stories in our world that can startle and even induce that change from the craziest corners of our life experiences.

Therefore, I ask you all to take a little time and explore these genealogical issues I’ll be bringing up in the foreseeable future. And Thanks! for taking that time to tell me.

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