I’m excited about a brand new project I am creating on the TNG-The Next Generation of Family Genealogy. With the Three hundred year anniversary of the 1718 Scots-Irish emigration coming up in a year and a half, I wanted you all to know about what I am doing and why.

The project is a genealogical family tree of mostly(fn1) Scots-Irish with some English and other nationalities thrown in who came to our shores in the 18th century with all past families linked together. It will be a source-driven compilation of families containing all surnames that will stretch three or four generations down from the original ancestor to the American colonies and with research bringing our forefathers as far into the distant past as we can go.

I will be concentrating on the New England region first and eventually include more of these same people as they landed along the Eastern Seaboard scattering into the interior of this nation.

The goals I have outlined on the front page of this site are as follows: 1) develop a site that includes as many of these early families as possible; 2) develop a solid source base; 3) allow researchers access to the data; and finally, 4)  discussion, to determine the merits of evidence.

This is a free database for research, but you must register in order to tap into the histories and lives of these families. You will also be asked to abide by the copyright as well if you incorporate any of the material and data within its pages into your own family tree. You will also have the option to add twigs and branches or data to enhance and expand the ancestry tree, itself. For more information on this and guidelines for adding materials, facts and images, please see the main page for “Procedures”.

My interests in history and people have spurred me to take on a project of these dimensions. My passion is also to build as more solid support for each of the surnames in the database in order to make a good case for each.

I hope that everyone will have as much fun as I in developing this creation. I know that the Family History Library(FHL) has a similar tree, but the attachments the computer makes are not necessarily correct as I have discovered in my own family history on the site. And like Ancestry, the genealogies are amply fortified with a lack of references.

You will also have plenty of opportunity to discuss and argue the merits of the evidence by using this blog to do so. There is a link on the 1718 Project that will take you here so I encourage everyone to take up issues, make comments and enjoy the discussions.




(fn1)-Or as many as I can find or handle


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