Is off-world planetary travel far off? Will families residing on Mars or the Moon need to inform and other makers of genealogy software that resident listings will have to change? Are Star Charts just around the Solar System corner? Imagine an ancestry tree from a holistic perspective!  Experience dizzying speed as your window to genealogy is telescopically previewed with a touch of a finger, viewing different branches in a tree spinning slowly before your eyes. Talk about “pop-outs”!? Looking far forward, an ancestral address might include the following: Redman, Iceland County, Phobos, Mars; Settlement One, Desert County, Mars; or perhaps, Base Two, Crater County, Moon. When we get to that point several generations will need to be added to your present family tree. I can see it all now in a note to an ancestral person-“William DeMeetros, father, husband, son, first settler to found a village called Canal City, Mars. Emigrated from Jackson, Mississippi, USA in 2099, who joined a fledgling group of religious protestors known as Starburst Sanctions, a little known Lutheran splinter faction that left Earth and settled on the red planet. As an Engineer, he developed the first expandable and collapsible village anywhere which can easily be moved from place to place. In another era…..
Up until civilization and society developed, everyone lived a nomadic lifestyle. After, historians and that ilk called it a migration and later still as the continents politically fractured we created a series of migration terms as travel and communications increasingly made our planet smaller. In another hundred to two hundred years we will see more frequent space travel to Mars or perhaps the Moon as private and government enterprises work together to develop the technologies to make these journeys possible. In Genesis, a group of worldly professional scientists and civilians will fly, then gather and form a very challenging society as expeditions and explorations are set forth and subsequently new temporary or, maybe, permanent towns are developed to study local conditions on any one of these planets.
As a result we as a society will have a rebirth where colonization will once again establish political muscle as one nation or another gets out into space first and claims a planet or moon for itself. I don’t see much change now in that scenario any more than such situations have developed in the past or when we begin to really see interplanetary movement. In the fifties and sixties Earth’s people saw strong national competition between nations. In the past ten years, privately funded growth has been developed on this planet, but the race speeds towards a destiny it cannot escape. Energy, technology and financing will stir the now brewing pot of competition driving our ideologies upward and outward in an emigration that will explode like we’ve never seen before.
Migration is a tool for self-survival, expanding proportionately as populations increase. This ball of humanity is intellectual, physical and driven on two planes by empirically pushed human nature and free will. So risk, resistance and romance play issue here in one huge tumultuous glob of tension pushing the extremes of our boundaries to more distance alternatives. Can you imagine multi-dimensional comings and goings!? As complicated as all this is, imagine the frustrations our earliest ancestors had in moving from place to place; the risks inherent in such a move, then, is no different than they are today or in the future. The thug, the schemer, the manipulator and planners, movers and shakers will be right alongside us as we march into whatever destiny we choose or may be chosen for us.
Will God intervene?
No matter where we go our burdens and issues will come with the baggage unless the leaders on the planet today commence the steps needed to accomplish historically futuristic movement away from Earth and before we travel the black depths of the Universe’s oceans. If the people within a church cannot resolve whatever issues pop up to fractionalize and divide the congregation into two new groups, then I fear we will not be able to do likewise elsewhere. Perhaps, negotiators will provide a smooth transition from here to there, but what happens there may not necessarily be known here. Will it be a race? Unconditionally. The same pressures that bore upon our earlier immigrant families will exist on an upward plume which trajectories will only hint at what’s to come. Nations are known to be combatant. Friction exists at the borders and God let’s us decide how to handle these situations.
The important aspect, however, is choice. When Europeans crossed the Atlantic, their minds had already been made up. The ingredients of stress placed health and life in jeopardy and for many, it could be resolved by going to a new land to start fresh and unencumbered. As with our forebears, so, too, will future settlers and entrepreneurs find the price high. Yet, the risks afford the opportunity to make incredible gains until the guiding hand of authority slips in to unravel the newly purchased freedoms.
So, yes, we will see interplanetary travel among the stars and not the Hollywood type, either. The new age will be interesting as Family History Library, Ancestry and other software developers will race to accommodate genealogists in their never-ending shifting of the landscape to upturn that devilishly clever little rock we forgot to look under. No doubt in my mind that some distant descendant will actually look under that moon rock and reflect on their own space odyssey, not as a monolithic thought of creation, rather a journey of a lifetime.

© Copyright 2016 The Jameson Perspective(TJP/SMJ)


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